Our client’s vehicle was hit in the rear causing significant damage to his specialist pressurised trailer whilst carrying a consignment of cement powder. We successfully pursued the third party insurers for his uninsured losses including cost of transferring his load of cement powder to another vehicle, hire of alternative trailer, excess and loss of earnings for the day of the accident, and the time spent delivering and collecting his trailer to and from the repairer. The total uninsured loss claim was in excess of £2,800 in addition to the repair cost of over £8,000. The third party insurers disputed the hire claim, alleging that delays by the client and his insurers in dealing with the matter unnecessarily lengthened the period of hire. We were able to produce our claims event log that evidenced that the claim had been reported to insurers on the day of the accident and that we had progress chased the estimate from the repairers, the engineer’s inspection arrangements, the authorisation of repairs by the insurers and the swift completion of the repairs by the repairer. The uninsured loss was paid in full accordingly.