David has 20 years’ insurance broking experience and heads up the personal insurance division. His specialist areas are complex motor and household situations including complex claims often involving site meetings with loss adjusters and contractors.

Case Study – Our client was involved in a motor accident when another driver pulled out of his drive into the front nearside of our client’s van. The other driver admitted that he hadn’t checked that the road was clear, so liability appeared to be straight forward. Our client needed an alterative van whilst his vehicle was being mended, so David directed him to a local hire company with whom we have an agreement for provision of vehicles in such situations (subject to the negligent motorist’s insurers agreeing to pay for such hire). Unfortunately, in this case the other driver’s insurers told the hire company that they were not prepared to accept that their client was at fault, suggesting that the accident had been caused by our client’s excessive speed. David visited the site of the accident taking photographs and measurements. He was able to show that the accident happened close to a sharp uphill bend, our client would not have been able to negotiate the bend if speeding. Whilst taking the photographs, David was challenged by the other driver who saw him and wanted to know what he was doing. David explained, and the other driver revealed that he had had a letter from his insurers confirming that unless they were supplied with independent witness evidence, they intended to deal with our claim. Presented with a copy of this letter, photographs and a detailed diagram, the other insurers agreed liability and authorised the hire van. Our client received reimbursement of his excess and his no claims bonus was unaffected.