We were approached by a recently widowed lady who had been a named driver on her husband’s car which had been insured for many years by Motability, a company who provide motoring services to disabled drivers. As the lady herself was not disabled, Motability were not prepared to continue insuring her. In addition, as she had merely been the named driver of a vehicle insured under their fleet policy, she was not entitled to any no claims bonus. Having taken her details, rather than simply quoting the cheapest introductory bonus policy showing on our quote screen, we discussed her situation with one of our partner insurers. On the strength of a letter from Motability, confirming that the lady had been a named driver on their policy for 5 years without claims, our partner insurer agreed to allow a real, transferable maximum no claims bonus. In addition to providing an excellent policy at a competitive premium, we were able to ensure future flexibility for the client that simply quoting the first policy on the quote screen would not have achieved.