Our client’s shower leaked over a prolonged period causing extensive water damage which led to rotting of floor joists and partition walls. The matter was reported to insurers who, as is common practice with many insurers, appointed their approved contractors to rectify the problem. The contractors attended the client’s home, removed the shower, the bathroom floor boards and the ceiling below, made a mess and then left the site giving no proposed date for return. After several attempts to contact the contractors, we involved a senior manager at the insurer’s claims department. The contractors were given a deadline for commencement of the repair which they missed. We insisted that new contractors were appointed to complete the job and we spoke to the managing director of the new contractors to ensure that they were aware of the problems to date and that they were committed to completing the job speedily and properly. We met with the client and the contractor on site and ensured that there was agreement to the scope and duration of the work to be done and we monitored the progress of the agreed works. Repairs exceeding £10,000 were undertaken over the course of the next few weeks leaving our client happy and relieved at the end of the process.