The Motor Insurance Database (MID) keeps records of all UK vehicles insured for use on British roads. It is used to identify the insurers of vehicles involved in accidents and also acts as a tool for police to detect the use of uninsured vehicles on the road. The database is updated by motor insurers who input the details of all vehicles they insure under specified vehicle policies. As most motor trade policies cover unspecified vehicles which may change regularly, many insurers have produced internet based portals allowing policyholders to update their vehicle details to the MID. At the point of introduction of these arrangements, we offered to undertake these updates on behalf of our policyholders providing a simple agreement was entered into clarifying our role. We set up our own log in details, pass words and pass phrases. The security levels for these input sites has been disproportionately high, with a new password required every 30 days. This lack of ease of use has resulted in most of our motor trade clients taking up our offer to input details for them.